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Meet Our Foster Baby Elephant!

We at Save Elephants Now are delighted to announce that with our donations we're fostering an orphaned baby elephant named Kiasa through the Kenya-based David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Baby Kiasa's photo is below. The DSW Trust staff found Kiasa orphaned and they conducted a rescue to relocate her to their sanctuary, where she is now thriving. Her rescue story is featured in this heartwarming video: Many thanks to all of you who helped make Kiasa's fostering possible by purchasing from our store! With love from the Save Elephants Now Team  

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10 Elephant Facts Everyone Should Know

The elephant, the planet’s largest terrestrial mammal, is a fascinating creature but it remains an unfortunate target of the poaching underworld. Our various conservancies across Kenya, are constantly monitored to help keep poaching at a minimum level however it seems a lack of understanding and education continues to enlist ignorant individuals to fold into the realm of wildlife’s biggest misdeed. The children of the future will only remember elephants as the dinosaurs of the 21st century if this continues.

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